Today, March 11, 2024, President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan celebrates his 63rd birthday.

He has always been a beam of light as one of the key leaders of the UAE with his longstanding grit and passion for the country.

Consistently optimistic about the challenges faced in the nation, he also has a reputation for giving strangers a helping hand and is known for also giving back to the community.

As today is a special occasion for this inspiring leader, we look back at some of his most heartwarming moments shared with the people of the nation.

When he surprised an Afghani carpet merchant with a visit

An Abu Dhabi-based Afghani carpet merchant went viral in October 2017 after a video surfaced of him refusing Dhs100,000 to sell a portrait he had of Sheikh Zayed in his shop. Four months later in February 2018, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed visited the merchant. In the heartwarming moment, His Highness gave the merchant a Year of Zayed badge and later shared the admiration he had for the Afghani man.

He carefully heard Martyrs’ children recite poems

While congratulating these little ones for their excellent performance at school, Sheikh Mohamed respectfully listened to Dana, the daughter of Waleed Al Thanhani, a fallen serviceman, who beautifully expressed her emotions in the poem to which he applauded as shown in the video.

Honouring women on Emirati Women’s Day

With regard to the multiple roles a woman takes on in society, from educators, scientists, police, doctors, mothers and many more, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed shared a video on Instagram last year to mark Emirati Women’s Day. He celebrated the Emirati women who have shaped the future for the nation.

When he paid a visit to his former teacher and mentor

His mentor and former teacher Ahmed Ibrahim Mandi Al Tamimi, contributed to the country’s education system since the inception of the union. Back in 2017, in appreciation of his dedication and all his hard work, especially for leaving his mark on a number of generations, Sheikh Mohamed paid a visit to his home in Khalifa City as reported by the state news agency WAM.

Proud father moment with his son Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Mohamed, along with Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Crown Prince of Ajman attended their sons’ graduation in 2020 – Sheikh Zayed Bin Mohamed Bin Zayed, and Sheikh Humaid Bin Ammar Al Nuaimi – from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Clearly proud of his son, in a video posted to the Emirates Royal Family Instagram account, Sheikh Mohamed is seen hurrying towards Sheikh Zayed to give him a congratulatory hug from an elated father.

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Images: WAM/Instagram