Brand new footage has emerged of Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum in action as he desperately worked to battle the inferno at The Address Downtown Dubai hotel.

The Dubai Police has released an official video showing the devastating fire that ravaged The Address Downtown Dubai hotel on New Year’s Eve.

The dramatic short film, which runs for 1.40 minutes and is set to a serious soundtrack, offers official, and extraordinary, behind-the-scenes insight of the night. From the police redirecting the growing crowds as they gathered to watch the iconic Burj Khalifa fireworks to the start of the fire and the firefighters hard battle to try and put out the blaze.

In the video Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, the son of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, can be seen powerfully leading the troops through their battle.

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The video, which is titled, Dubai Welcomes The New Year With Heroism and Patriotism, certainly shines a positive light on the security services in the region and helps us to understand how there was miraculously no casualties. It is reported that the building was evacuated in 20 minutes.

Sheikh Mansoor at the fire scene

Sheikh Mansoor at the fire scene

This is not the first time that the Dubai Police has turned to YouTube to reveal their advancements and achievements. Just 10 months ago they released another video depicting how they rapidly act at certain crime scenes; showing them attending a car crash and also helping a mugging victim. The video also showcases how they react in emergencies even in remote areas of the region. Called Your Security Is Our Happiness, it certainly makes us feel proud, and safe, to live in the UAE.

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