Today, November 14, 2021, marks His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 39th birthday.

One thing many may not know about the Crown Prince of Dubai is that he, like his father, is a keen poet.

Under his nickname, ‘Fazza’, which is an ode to a legendary Arab knight, His Highness has penned many poems throughout the years. It means “the one who helps” in Arabic.

With the caption for the above image being translated as follows, picking up poetry from his father has been one of the hidden talents he possesses, as he has also published under the pen name ‘Fazza’.

As we celebrate another journey around the sun for Sheikh Hamdan, we look at some of his profound poems over the years.

About his father, Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai

Sheikh Hamdan Sheikh Mohammed

“This is the son of Rashid the great one
He sees through his mind before his eyes
Through his global vision coming from above the clouds
He creates for you glory in the skies

An ode to his mother

Oh candle and light of our house
Oh mother, with yearning, I am burning
If my verses are not enough
My sighs show my yearning
She lends her fragrance to the breeze
Scented flowers are green with envy

Paying tribute to his brother

Sheikh Hamdan Sheikh Rashid

I defeat my sorrow in front of people,
Who assume my heart is a rock,

And whenever I’m all alone,
I feel the burn, in every side of my heart

On the phases of life

To honour others is to honour yourself first

And the burden of my mistakes, I never lay on other people’s shoulders

‘Nature of the Soul’, by Fazza


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My poems have meaning written with intuition
I write my poems aware and observant
My poems are not empty and a waste of my time
They become more valuable with the passing of time

‘Four Seasons’, by Fazza

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I hope for the sunrise
And wait for the sun to shine so I can breathe
When the night comes, I hold the light between my ribs
Your soul passes through me along with the night
And it engulfs my body

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Feature image: Instagram @faz3