Time to start prepping your wardrobe for the holy month.

We are only a few weeks away from Ramadan and that calls for a run through of everything you’ll be planning to wear to iftar’s and suhoor’s.

Shatha Essa offers a refined and elegant collection inspired by one of the most famous botanical gardens in London – Kew Gardens.

Shatha Essa Ramadan 2019

Famed for housing the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections, the setting perfectly captures the striking and elegant lines of the Ramadan capsule by the Emirati brand.

Titled as ‘Keys to the Botanical Garden’, the pieces are inspired by the elements of the grand gates with geometric patterns, flowy silhouettes and feminine details seen throughout.

Shatha Essa

The serene colour palette boasts soft hues of pastel pink and blue, highlighted with metallic shades and pops of yellow. A romantic aesthetic is brought to life in luxurious fabrics of lace and silk, bound together in a variety of silhouettes emphasising the significance of the finer details.

Shatha Essa Ramadan 2019

A new style of embroidery with yarn is introduced on brocade and metallic fabrics that are spotted on familiar styles in the form of kaftans and shirt dresses, giving them a modern twist.

Take a leaf out of their Ramadan style book.

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Images: Supplied