When it comes to dazzling attire, sequins are for life, not just for Christmas, says Jade Sprowson.

Most girls get their morning kicks from a double shot Americano. Not me. My pick-me-up is browsing through my wardrobe and being greeted by a rainbow of gleaming, sequin items.

If I’ve got a day of mall trawling on the agenda, and I know it’s going to be a long day, I’ll rock out a sequin tee to keep me shining all day long. Equally, if I have a fancy lunch at Zuma, for which I feel I’ve got nothing new to wear, I won’t despair; I’ll simply throw on my trusty LSJ (little sequin jacket – do please keep up) for instant va-va voom.

You see, while some argue that all things that glitter are strictly for the party season and evening events, I strongly disagree.

Not only can sequins amp up a glam look, they also work wonders on dress-down days when teamed with denim. In my opinion, the small shiny discs exude confidence and expensive style.

Over the years I’ve slowly accumulated an array of special pieces with sparkle. Some are vintage – discovered after a rummage in my mother’s wardrobe – while others are a little more than one would normally spend on a party top.

Month in, month out, my treasured embellished beauties get to see the light of day. And, boy, do they light up my day.

Neutral silk blouses and biker jackets aside, I view sequins as a closet must-have. Gemstone-encrusted jackets and embellished camisole tops won’t look out of place on a beach holiday, cocktail soiree or a winter wedding.

Still sceptical? Just take a look at Carolina Herrera’s 2012 collection, she had her girls shimmying in sparkles down the catwalk. And let’s not forget London designer Ashish, who alerted my style antennae with his quirky play on embellished knits.

Keep the cut classic and treat yourself to something that won’t shed the shimmer after one wear. Follow those simple rules and you’ve got an item for a lifetime. Trust me, the sequin is here to stay. And anyway, what girl doesn’t want a little extra sparkle in her life?


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