I haven’t been able to paint any sort of tiles of late as it’s all been about getting the April issues of Emirates Woman and Emirates Woman mini on the shelves come April 1.

The month started with a quick sail on the high seas with Reiss to view their S/S13 collection.

My Second Mate was none other than’s Annah Cuthbert.



I go to a lot of boutique openings but one of my favourite new stores (or in this case a permanent pop-up) is The Zoo at the Level Shoe District at The Dubai Mall. If you ever want something fun, creative or clever to add to your wardrobe or home – this is the place to get it.

Fotor0326101340This safe is priceless! 

IMG_0138My new cereal bowl

IMG_0147This bag is actually a sculpture…

IMG_0177LOVE this guest book. Am keeping it in my entrance hall for friends to sign… 

Another one of my favourite places in Dubai is the Rami Al Ali atelier. It always brings back such wonderful memories of late night fittings, laughter and anticipation from when the master himself made my wedding dress for our church ceremony. I went to have a look at the new collection, which was hot off a flight from Paris. My eyes immediately went to this dress (which was my favourite) and Rami said the shape of my wedding dress played a part in his inspiration…


Quite simply, the man is a genius and his new collection has so many new and exciting elements that this will no doubt be a sell-out season for him once again.




Another new collection that had to be viewed this month was the S/S13 by Louis Vuitton.

5G0B0833I really, really want this fluro bag…

5G0B0903And these in every colour

Another thing that I didn’t know I had to have, is a Maserati GranCabrio Sport.



The lovely people at Maserati loaned me a car for a few days and wow – what an incredible experience! I’m not really into cars but this ride changed me for life. It’s fast, (too) easy to drive and the attention one gets from driving such an automobile is out of this world. I had people coming up to me at red lights, the valet, petrol station, basically anywhere where I was stationary.

My Maserati also appears in the April issue of EW – here is a sneak peek…


Now it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset.

See you soon,