Capri is my favourite place on earth, especially in the springtime. Not so many tourists, the weather is perfect and the locals are happy and rested from the winter.

With streets lined with the world’s most coveted labels, lemon trees and terraces, it’s plain and simple to see why this Mediterranean island is a haven for the world’s most famous, wealthy and fabulous.


First on the agenda is the morning walk through the streets and hills of Capri with a visit to the Gardens of Augustus.


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and always the same; egg white omelette and coffee – but not in Capri. I ate cake.

cakeYes, all three days I ate chocolate and lemon cake and it was officially the best cake I have ever had in my life.


Shopping was next on the agenda and these shoes were my first stop.


IMG_2799Next was this beyond gorgeous bracelet designed by Italian artist Angela Caputi.

DSCN0433Local fragrances and candles from Carthusia are a must when in Capri.

bagsPrada or Peekaboo? I couldn’t decide but these bags are the best I have seen in seasons.

Ana Capri is a short drive away and well worth a little visit. First stop, the Villa San Michele; the home of Swedish Dr Axel Munthe who moved to Capri in 1887. This was also the place he penned The Story of San Michele.




The food in Capri is so fresh and full of flavour as many of the restaurants have their own gardens. The best place for dinner is La Campinina. It is a family run restaurant and bar and is visited by the locals and celebrities alike (it was a favourite haunt for Jackie O and Aristotle).

9874La Campinina

23I adore how they bring the aperitivo snacks in this little pot plant.

 I don’t ever look at the menu, just ask what is the plat du jour. In our case, it was stuffed aubergines and octopus salad to start, then baby chicken with zucchini fries and seafood pasta for main. Dessert was simply cut-up strawberries sprinkled with sugar with a huge dollop of lemon sorbet.


 On my morning walk I stumbled across the beach clubs getting ready for summer, some fishermen who were catching lunch and some stones for memories…





Last aperitivo in the main square before heading off to Positano.

So on the cable cart I got, set for the Amalfi Coast. Watch out for the last leg of my Italian adventure next week…