I always plan my holidays; it’s part of the fun isn’t it? What to pack, what to buy pre-plane, restaurants to book and lingo to learn – I love it all, so my latest trip took me by surprise, with less than 48 hours to get packed, primped and prepared for a week away.

It all started on Thursday, when I decided a week off was a must-do. Friday was spent looking at destinations, and at 1am on Saturday morning we decided that Rome was our first stop. Exhausted but happy, I slept for five hours only to wake, pack and be ready for my airport pick-up at midday.

In Italy, what’s the first thing I’m going to do? Eat. Where to go? Ginger on Via Borgognona.



There is ALWAYS a queue, no matter what month, but the food is mouth-wateringly good, organic and healthy – a combination the Italians aren’t famous for.


Coffee and gelato follow lunch, so again a wait had to be tolerated before a double espresso at Sant’Eustachio


I don’t know what this gelato place is called, just that it’s on Via Dei Gracchi and is always full of Romans – and that’s always a good sign. 

ice-creamNot my most glamorous pics, but the meringue sorbet is beyond amazing.

DSCN0406I heart the little spoons, which also make a splendid pocket square if in need.

I have three must-do things that make up any great holiday. First, an early morning walk (before people go to work); this is my favourite part of the day, regardless of the destination. The second is, of course, shopping, and the third is an aperitivo.

If you happen to find yourself in Rome, the best place for a drink and a nibble has to be Caffe Russie at Le Jardin de Russie. With its secret garden in the middle of the city, it’s a haven for the stylish set.



Our 24 hours in Rome passed quickly but Capri was waiting for us, so on a train to Naples it was. No time for breakfast at the hotel, so a quick trip to the corner store saw us having a proper Italian breakfast on the run.


Capri is my new favourite place in the world, so check out my blog next week to see all the shopping, sun worshipping and sights of this chic isle!