Associate Editor Lyndsey Steven steels her nerves as she books herself in for a micro-pigmentation treatment at Brows By Patsy at the Lesprit Clinic in Jumeirah 3.

The Lowdown

Long-Time Liner is a form of semi-permanent makeup, whereby medically regulated pigments made of natural minerals are gently pushed into the skin’s first layer. Yes, it involves a needle, but it’s really not painful – at the most you may experience slight discomfort, but anyone who has endured laser treatment, waxing or childbirth will think it’s a doddle.


Long-Time Liner enhances features by giving brows, eyes and lips a defined, soft and natural finish that imitates perfectly applied make-up. As someone who has to tint their eyebrows on a monthly basis due to them fading into virtual bleached blonde non-existence, a treatment like this is music to my ears. What’s more, internationally recognised Elite Linergist Patricia Kerr is an expert in the process, and regularly travels to the Long-Time Liner headquarters in Germany to keep her skills updated.

tried and tested, lespirit medical clinic


Numbing cream is applied before and, if needed, during the procedure. In an exercise akin to a geometry class, Patsy measures your eyebrows and discusses lengthening and lifting with you. There is some discomfort when she goes over the same spot a few times – Patsy is a self-confessed perfectionist – but unlike tattooing there is no bleeding, scabbing or downtime.

tried and tested, lespirit medical clinic


Thicker, longer, more defined eyebrows with a proper arch. Being able to wake up every morning with your brows ready to go and arches perfectly framed is honestly a life-changing experience! What’s more, after a couple of follow-up sessions, results last up to year.

Price:  Eyebrows Dhs3,200 | Lips Dhs3,600 | Lower or Upper Eyelid Dhs1,800


Brows By Patsy at Lesprit, Villa 510 Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 (next to Sunset Mall) (04) 338 8238. For more information, visit or

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