robert cavell-clarke, fashion forward season four

Ahead of his talk at Fashion Forward Season Four, Robert Cavell-Clarke, head of designer relations and scouting at NOT JUST A LABEL reveals how to get ahead in the fashion industry and sell your label. 

As an emerging designer it is crucial to try and establish your label as soon as possible, but it is not always clear how best to approach this task. At NOT JUST A LABEL [the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion] we suggest following these key points, which will not only help expose your brand, but revolutionise how you approach and organise your business:

Firstly, good design is meaningful. Put your story, your inspirations and your heritage into your designs. Your creative output is your opportunity to express yourself. Use fashion to say something different, something new. People will listen, and your brand identity will flourish.

As an upcoming brand it’s paramount to remain cool, modest and collect. Don’t be arrogant. Aloofness won’t get you far. Know when to say no, but don’t slam doors. This industry is saturated with promising  talents – you’re up against a lot of competition and the stakes are high, so you can’t afford to be rude.

Many businesses take for granted how much you yourself can contribute to your own business. Do your own PR. Do your own project management, your own sales, and your own emails. It’s your business. You do it best. If you keep it in-house, you can control it and control the reach and voice of your label as it develops through these early, but critical, stages.

Finally, make sure that you never lose sight of what’s important – you’re a business, and must align your label according to the needs of the business. Having a clear plan and focus is crucial to a successful label. Have a brand strategy, create an elevator pitch and consider how best to attract consumers. Work out who’s your demographic and what your price points are. Know your work, how much it costs, and what you’re worth.

Robert Cavell-Clarke’s How To Sell Your Collection talks takes place at Fashion Forward Season Four at 7pm at Hall 4.