IN PARTNERSHIP: With persistent heat and heavy humidity sticking around for the coming weeks, simplifying your beauty routine is one of the best ways to give your skin a break and work on that natural glow.

Scared to give up the foundation, but find that it’s sucking the life out of your complexion? Fear not as there is one brand that all the beauty insiders swear by – FOREO.

The brand celebrates naturally beautiful skin by keeping it flawless and smooth. It does take a certain kind of confidence to step out foundation and concealer-free, but FOREO products work overtime, enhancing your morning and nighttime routines so every day your complexion appears clearer and happier.

glowing skincare summer skin FOREO


It doesn’t require too much effort on your part, but you do need to spend a little bit of time cleansing. FOREO has established an easy two-step routine to get your skin glowing all summer long.

First things first, we have  to tackle any clogged pores and oil build up. Think of your skin as a blank canvas, if it’s smooth and clean then your skincare will work better and the makeup will glide on evenly. Leave this important job to LUNA mini 3 device that effortlessly budges any heavy makeup or sticky sunscreen, revealing a brighter complexion each time. Not only that, but the T-sonic pulsations also improve circulation which helps the skin detoxify.

We all know how transformative a sheet mask can be, especially when your skin is crying out for a boost of hydration. We also appreciate that many of us don’t have the time, especially in the morning, to entertain a 20-minute ritual. Speed up the process and still reap the benefits with the UFO device that uses heat, light therapy, cooling and pulsations to help you skin absorb all the goodness in just 90-seconds. Now that’s an express service.

glowing skincare summer skin FOREO

Among seven different UFO activated masks to choose from, we recommend H2Ooverdose for the summer. The mask provides an instant burst of hydration that lasts thanks to hyaluronic acid. Trust us, your sun-exposed skin will soak it up immediately and will feel soothed and replenished after just one use.

Ready to revolutionise your summer skincare routine? The LUNA mini 3 is available for Dhs790; UFO at Dhs1000 and H2Overdose UFO Activated Mask at Dhs110 on

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