First Chrissy Teigen, and now a football legend…

She’s the first robot to ever be made a citizen, and Sophia seems to be living up to that star status.

The Saudi Arabian invention has met up with Portuguese professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo, just a few months after she befriended American model Chrissy Teigen via Twitter.

What happened when Chrissy Teigen met Saudi’s robot citizen
Saudi’s robot citizen Sophia says she’s fighting for women’s rights

Here’s the photo, which Sophia shared on Twitter (we’re thinking she’s a bit of a social media fiend):


Much like her famous buddy Teigen, Sophia has been known to come back at her critics. In the replies to this photo, she can be seen correcting people’s spelling and claiming her status as a legend.

She approaches these interactions with a cool head many of her human counterparts on Twitter could do well to emulate.

We’re not too sure where her meeting with the Real Madrid player took place, but Sophia is well-travelled. She and Teigen met up in Los Angeles, where they chatted makeup. Sophia even went backstage on Teigen’s TV show, Lip Sync Battle. 

GUYS!!! @realsophiarobot

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Sophia, who has been designed to respond to questions in a human-like manner and make simple conversation, was first “activated” in 2015, and uses artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition.

Saudi’s robot citizen Sophia says she’s fighting for women’s rights
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“She has been reaching out about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and about rights for all human beings and all living beings on this planet,” David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, told CNBC  in December.

“I think we should see the future with respect for all sentient beings and that will include machines.”

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Images: Real Sophia Robot/Twitter