In sickness and in health… but not on Snapchat.

Social media is now a regular guest at many nuptials – invited or not.

However in one recent case, social networking at a wedding resulted in divorce… just hours after the couple tied the knot.

A Saudi Arabian groom has filed to separate from his new wife just 120 minutes after the ceremony, all because she shared images of the big day on Snapchat.

It sounds severe, yes, but the bride had reportedly signed an agreement vowing she would refrain from using social media during the wedding.

“There was a prenuptial agreement between my sister and her fiancé that she would not use social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to post or send her pictures,” the bride’s brother told local newspaper Okaz.

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“It was included in the marriage contract and became binding.”

However the bride sent images from her big day to friends – and the subsequent split has allegedly cause a huge row between the couple’s families.

“Regretfully, my sister did not honour the pledge and used Snapchat to share pictures from the wedding ceremony with her female friends, resulting in the shocking decision by the groom to cancel their marriage and call for divorce,” said the bride’s brother.

According to media reports, the groom’s family support his decision while the bride’s relatives believe the pre-nuptial agreement was unfair to begin with.

This isn’t the first Saudi marriage to be broken apart by social media either. Earlier this year a man demanded a divorce on his wedding day after his new wife kept chatting with friends on her phone.

“He was shocked when she ignored him, not responding to his words or action. When he asked her about the reasons, she answered she was busy responding to her friends who were congratulating her on her marriage,” a relative told Saudi newspaper Al Watan, saying that the argument took place in a hotel room following the wedding.

“The groom asked her to delay answering the messages, but she refused and became angry. When he asked her if her friends were more important than he was, the bride answered that they were.”

According to a Gulf News report, Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of divorce in the world, with around 50 per cent of newlyweds choosing to separate.

The country’s Justice Ministry also revealed in 2015 that there were more than 30,000 divorces in the Kingdom every year – which tallies up to 82 splits a day.

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