With homegrown brands from the Kingdom blossoming over the years, these labels are definitely ones to support with their engrained versatility born to empower women.

Emirates Woman has curated a list of popular Saudi labels to support as they continue to embody elements from their heritage through design.

Arwa Al Banawi

This contemporary ready-to-wear label has created exclusive collections which were designed to bridge gaps between high-end fashion and streetwear. With traditional tailoring, Al Banawi empowers women through her namesake brand as she creates urban-tailored suits and statement tee for the modern woman while embracing her roots.

For more information or to make a purchase visit arwaalbanawi.com

Nora Al Shaikh

The Jeddah-based designer carved a niche for herself as the brand fuses her Saudi heritage with a global perspective, defined by a modern and feminine approach to dressing as she gathers inspiration from architecture and art installation along with people on the street. Her fashion label has a unique aesthetic that appeals to people from around the globe.

For more information or to make a purchase visit noraalshaikh.com

Razan Alazzouni


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While gaining a strong cult following as one of the Middle East’s leading fashion designers, Razan Alazzouni exhibits a strong passion for all things related to art, as she exudes feminity, delicacy and grace through each piece which reflects meticulous artistry. While using soft luxurious textures, sophisticated tailoring is the key focal point of each collection.

For more information or to make a purchase visit razanalazzouni.com/shop

Lillian Ismail


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This Saudi brand was founded by one of the youngest recognized jewellery designers. Lillian Ismail started her namesake brand at the age of 17, with each piece telling its own unique store as she embraces her culture and Islamic background. While encouraging artisans in her home country, she promotes the concept of wearing jewellery as a form of wearable art.

For more information or to make a purchase visit lillianismail.com

Nuun Jewels


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Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Her Royal Highness Nourah Al Faisal is not only a pioneer in the fine jewellery realm, she is also spearheading the resourcing of ethical and sustainable materials in the industry. As the founder of NUUN Jewels, she creatively explores the different artistic arenas in jewellery while constantly adapting the right processes and techniques. The one-off pieces allow for a bespoke with each piece as it gives the brand new history and identity with the creation of each piece.

For more information or to make a purchase visit nuunjewels.com. 

Ashi Studio


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Bound together by craftsmanship, Ashi Studio was launched in 2007 with the sole purpose of empowering women through couture, as the intricacies of construction fit easily into each creation as a projection of one’s true self. From elegance to immaculate detailing, the label has quickly gained a name for itself worldwide. The brand has also become a favourite amongst the A-list crowd with Beyonce, Cardi B and Her Majesty Queen Rania.

For more information or to make a purchase visit ashistudio.com



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Founded by Saudi fashion designer, Honayda Serafi, this label is created for the modern woman to celebrate the label’s ready-to-wear timeless pieces which have been adorned with various A-listers such as Priyanka Chopra and many more. By also using sustainable practices of production, the brand stands for a circular economy methodology as it wishes to use unused fabrics in its upcoming product lines.

For more information visit honayda.com


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Known for transforming luxurious textiles into a modern wardrobe, the label was founded in 2011 by Dubai-based Saudi designer Daneh Buahmad, who being in creating effortless pieces that transcend time. While focusing on clothes, which add a node to her heritage, she is constantly searching for a link that makes women feel good through her design process.

For more information visit danehdesign.com


While embracing the concept of ethical luxury, the label is a nod to its commitment to preserving culture, supporting craftsmanship and creating timeless products. While using traditional techniques for production, the ready-to-wear pieces transcend any seasonal trends while staying true to their Saudi heritage.

For more information visit shop.abadia.me

Layla Moussa


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The fashion designer’s luxurious label has been in the market for around 40 years now, as she herself has dedicated herself to preserving the artisanal crafts among the Saudi Arabian locals. With a passion for textiles, the brand was created to produce made-to-measure coats and kaftans, which have made their own trademark in the industry.

Coming soon: For more information visit laylamoussa.com

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