Saudi Arabian fashion influencer Abdulrahman Ali Alyousaf has one of the most enviable visual travel diaries on Instagram. From Beirut to Maldives, the mother of three loves exploring the unique parts of the world in style.

Saudi Arabian fashion influencer Abdulrahman Ali Alyousaf

If you can be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Cuba. I’ve always been fascinated by its vibe, architecture of their colourful buildings and of course, most importantly, their culture

What are your packing essentials?

Sneakers, my headphones, one to two white shirts, lip balm and face moisturisers.

Name two places on your travel bucket list and why.

Spain, as I really want to see how Arab contributed to the beauty of this place. Morocco because my husband was lucky enough to visit it about 12 times and didn’t stop talking about the beauty and magical vibe of this country.

Saudi Arabian fashion influencer Abdulrahman Ali Alyousaf

We love your images! What do you think makes a great travel photo?

I think showing more of the vibe rather than just perfect photos, at least for me. I enjoy watching the real mood of a moment.

Which was the last place you visited that really inspired you?

The last place was the Maldives. We stayed in a luxurious eco-friendly hotel which I’m still thinking how could they achieve this level of sustainability with luxury. It was a barefoot, breathtaking trip.

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