Saudi Arabia has announced plans to open the very first outdoor ski resort in the GCC.

Located in the area of Neom, an area of major development in the Kingdom, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, announced the plans for the project last week.

Set to be known as Trojena, it’s the latest unveiling as part of the ambitious sustainable initiative spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The new tourist hub in Neom is set to open in 2026 and will entice keen skiers as well as adventure holidaymakers.

Trojena will be a year-round destination for tourists which will include ski slopes, ski village, luxury resorts, restaurants, mountain activities, a man-made freshwater lake, hiking trails, watersports and much more.

According to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is also the Chairman of Neom, Trojena will “redefine mountain tourism” around the world.

“Trojena will redefine mountain tourism for the world by creating a place based on the principles of ecotourism, highlighting our efforts to preserve nature and enhance the community’s quality of life, which is aligned with the goals of the kingdom’s Vision 2030,” he said of the new project.

“It also confirms our commitment to be part of the global effort to protect the environment.

“Trojena will be an important addition to tourism in the region, a unique example of how Saudi Arabia is creating destinations based on its geographical and environmental diversity.

“This forward-looking vision will ensure that mountain tourism will be another revenue stream to support the kingdom’s economic diversification.”

The entire project of Neom was first announced in 2017 and the first section is set to open in 2025. Located north of Tabuk, Neom covers a total area of 26,500 km2 and is set to be fully sustainable using solar power, will feature a new high-tech city and much more.

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Images: Supplied/NEOM