“It’s a baguette”

American actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, reprised her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City to mark the return of an iconic Fendi’s bag. Over the course of six seasons, and two feature films, we have come to associate Carrie with several things, most notably her Manolo heels and Fendi’s Baguette handbag.


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For fans of the HBO show, they will remember seeing the purple square-shaped bag, which was often perched under Carries arm, and was also stolen from her at one point during the show. The Italian luxury brand will be re-issuing the beloved bag in an array of different colours and designs. There will also be a Fendi Baguette book highlighting the iconic bag’s history. To celebrate its return, the fashion house released a #BaguetteFriendsForever campaign, marking the return of Sarah as Carrie.

In the video, we watch fashionistas Natasha Lau, Ebonee Davis, and Melissa Martinez sit in a cafe and listen to Caro Daur gush over a purple sequin Fendi Baguette bag. The girls rush to the Fendi store to find the bag, only to find out that someone just bought it! They rush to the streets, and find the bag with Sarah, who reminds them that its not a bag, “It’s a baguette.”

 It’s time to grab our own baguette!

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