When it comes to social media, there are a huge amount of positives like connecting people with other like-minded individuals, storytelling and having a global reach.

But with the positives also comes the negatives, and on social media, this normally manifests itself in the form of online trolls.

Bollywood actress Sana Khan is the latest person online falling victim to online trolling, but wasn’t about to take any of it.

After posting a picture of herself where she was enjoying a coffee, an online troll decided to question why Khan wore the hijab.

The user imposed questions regarding her reason for choosing to wear the hijab, after having an educational qualification, deeming her choice as regressive to which Sana Khan responded back at.

“What’s the point of your education if you’re going to hide behind a veil,” the Instagram user wrote in Urdu.


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Khan decided to respond to the troll, pointing out it was her choice to wear the hijab.

“I can do [as I please], I have amazing in-laws and a husband, what more do I want, most importantly God is protecting me in every way as I have completed my education too? So isn’t it a win-win situation?” she said, also in Urdu.

After leaving the glamourous world of Bollywood late last year, the former big-screen star decided to remove any images from the past of her acting, right after her marriage, which took place in an intimate ceremony with her husband, Mufti Anas Saiyad.

With this befitting response, she hopefully managed to shut down the troller and any potential ones who were to comment on her lifestyle choices after she called it quits in the entertainment industry, with several fans who’s supported her for this decision in the past.

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Feature image: Instagram @sanakhaan21