Whatever industry you may work in, it’s always interesting to see how others compare in earnings.

From market fluctuations to expert data numbers vary in each field. However, to give some insight into this, Michael Page has done some in-depth research into the job market providing salary benchmarks according to each discipline.

While overcoming the challenges of 2020, Pierre-Emmanuel Dupil, the senior managing director at PageGroup for the Middle East and Africa said, “Taking care of employee mental health and wellness, redefining flexibility, setting the right remote working organization, communicating new goals and targets adapted to the overall vision, and offering environments enabling work-life balance, have been key challenges faced by businesses in 2020.”

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To give you a guide to different industries and how much you could be earning, PageGroup has broken the average salary in each field depending on their position.


Head of digital marketing: Dhs35,000 to Dhs60,000
SEO/SEM manager: Dhs12,000 to Dhs22,000
Graphic designer: Dhs10,000 to Dhs20,000
iOS developer: Dhs18,000 to Dhs25,000
Software engineer: Dhs15,000 to Dhs25,000
Product designer: Dhs20,000 to Dhs35,000

Human Resources

HR manager: Dhs20,000 to Dhs35,000
Talent acquisition manager: Dhs20,000 to Dhs40,000
Head of learning development: Dhs40,000 to Dhs55,000
Head of reward: Dhs50,000 to Dhs65,000

Oil and Gas

Electrical manager: Dhs28,000 to Dhs45,000
Mechanical manager: Dhs30,000 to Dhs45,000
Contactor: Dhs32,000 to Dhs45,000
Structural manager: Dhs28,000 to Dhs50,000
Construction manager: Dhs40,000 to Dhs65,000

Property and Construction

Client side

General manager: Dhs60,000 to Dhs75,000
Asset manager: Dhs40,000 to Dhs50,000
Development manager: Dhs45,000 to Dhs55,000
Leasing manager: Dhs25,000 to Dhs35,000


Civil engineer: Dhs15,000 to Dhs25,000
Architect: Dhs20,000 to Dhs28,000
Contract director: Dhs55,000 to Dhs75,000
Project director: Dhs60,000 to Dhs70,000


Retail Operations

Wholesale manager: Dhs25,000 to Dhs35,000
Luxury sales associate: Dhs10,000 to Dhs15,000

Marketing and Communications

Brand manager: Dhs22,000 to Dhs35,000
PR manager: Dhs22,000 to Dhs45,000
PR executive: Dhs12,000 to Dhs22,000
Marketing executive: Dhs14,000 to Dhs22,000

Buying and Merchandising

Senior Merchandiser: Dhs15,000 to Dhs28,000
Head of Merchandising: Dhs40,000 to Dhs60,000


Head of design: Dhs25,000 to Dhs35,000
Fashion designer: Dhs20,000 to Dhs25,000

Sales and Marketing


VP of sales: Dhs80,000 to Dhs115,000
Country manager: Dhs30,000 to Dhs45,000


Senior brand manager: Dhs25,000 to Dhs45,000
Assistant Brand Manager: Dhs14,000 to Dhs22,000
Head of trade marketing: Dhs45,000 to Dhs60,000

Consumer insights

Consumer insights manager: Dhs20,000 to Dhs40,000


General manager: Dhs55,000 to Dhs85,000
Project sales manager: Dhs20,000 to Dhs40,000
Sales engineer: Dhs8,000 to Dhs22,000


Head of marketing: Dhs50,000 to Dhs80,000
PR comms: Dhs30,000 to Dhs60,000
Bid director: Dhs30,000 to Dhs55,000
Marketing research: Dhs12,000 to Dhs28,000



IT Director: Dhs40,000 to Dhs80,000

Information security

Security manager: Dhs30,000 to Dhs60,000

Enterprise Applications

Applications Director: Dhs40,000 to Dhs80,000

Business Analysis and Project Management

Business analyst: Dhs15,000 to Dhs30,000
IT business partner: Dhs35,000 to Dhs55,000


Enterprise architect: Dhs35,000 to Dhs75,000
Cloud architect: Dhs35,000 to Dhs55,000

Secretarial and Office support

Financial services and management consultancies

PRO: Dhs7,000 to Dhs12,000
Receptionist: Dhs6,000 to Dhs9,000


Office manager: Dhs20,000 to Dhs32,000
Team assistant: Dhs17,000 to Dhs24,000
Receptionist: Dhs10,000 to Dhs15,000


Office manager: Dhs18,000 to Dhs24,000
Receptionist: Dhs6,000 to Dhs10,000
General administration: Dhs8,000 to Dhs12,000


Office manager: Dhs22,000 to Dhs25,000
Receptionist: Dhs10,000 to Dhs17,000

According to research by PageGroup, the most in-demand positions in 2021 in the digital landscape include:

1) Software/Web developer
2) Digital Marketing
3) Head of Product/ Product Manager
4) Digital Project Manager
5) QA/ Test Engineer

With a rise in the need for software development skills, as the world has spent more time at home due to the growing need for digital interfaces, these skills are in high demand. The want for digital talent has clearly become a much-needed skill in this market.

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Feature Image: Ian Dooley via Unsplash