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Content Creator and Influencer Saira Farhat aka @Fashky has an impeccable eye. We ask how she edits her home and wardrobe with a buy less, buy better, mentality in mind.

What time do you rise and what do the first 30mins of your day look like, your morning routine?

My alarm clock is on at roughly 6am daily, I pray and jump straight into my skincare routine immediately after. I cleanse, apply my Royal Fern essence that I leave on for a good few mins, moisturise and finish off with lots of SPF.

What was the moment you realized you had to make the leap and start your own brand and how did your previous roles pave the way for this?

Honestly, it just fell into place, and really fits well with my lifestyle. I’ve always loved fashion and styling for as long as I can remember.


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What is at the core of FASHKY, the DNA and business model?

Minimalism. Quality, not quantity, is my measure. From interiors to fashion to skincare and makeup it’s all about sticking to the essentials.

How do you support the topic of sustainability when it comes to buy less, buy better throughout your life?

A curated wardrobe is a way. What will I wear the most?! I love a good blazer, trench coat, T-shirt and tailored pants so that’s what I invest in. Buying vintage and second-hand is also something I’ve been doing for years now, shout out to The level Store on Insta.

Which investment pieces are your hero buys and why?

My vintage Hermes Kelly, I could wear that one bag forever.
I also have a couple of blazers, notably from Margiela and Vetements (both oversized) that I always end up throwing on, they are my security blankets for sure. Lastly my Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. The Eames has been around since the 1950s, it’s an iconic chair and ages beautifully.


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How do the commercial and creative sides of the business work together for you and do you feel particularly drawn to one side of the business?

I am a creative at heart, it’s always been a top priority. I find a sense of authenticity in that. Building on that to become commercial is a skill I’m yet to figure out.

What has been the largest challenge since launching the brand how did you overcome it?

I dress modestly so sometimes this can be a little tricky for some people to understand. I think communication is key with anything in life so being transparent with brands I work with has helped a lot.

Have you had any mentors along the way and if so, what has been the best advice they have imparted to you?

I have an amazing mentor, to who I happen to be married. He always tells me to be myself, and it’s the best advice anyone can give.

March’s – ‘The Sustainability Issue’ – Download Now

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