Renowned artist Sacha Jafri presented a masterpiece for the first time ever at the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

With an aim to reconnect humanity to our cultural heritage, Jafri unveiled an intricate three canvas triptych painting entitled ‘Sagarmatha National Park – Mount Everest’ in partnership with UNESCO. This piece brought his talent to life through a depiction of his strong connection with the people of Nepal at Mount Everest.

“It is such an honour for me to partner with ‘The Art Maze’ and UNESCO using the power of art to reconnect and inspire humanity from space and on earth,” he said.

“My two projects, running side by side aim to reconnect and reunite humanity from Space and on Earth, with the sole objective of leading us to a new world where the true meaning and power of the words ‘Love’, ‘Empathy’ and ‘Intention’ are fully realised and ingrained into every action we take on earth.”

Sacha Jafri Nepal painting

From the Burj Al Arab Helipad to Mount Everest, this renowned painter plans to reach new heights over the next few years to promote essential conversations to transform humanity.

The monetary support received through this project shall be used across several areas including the protection of our environment, education, sustainability, health and the conservation of our World Heritage Sites.

This year-long campaign pays homage to 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites from time to time, to bring about change and a more hopeful future.

As part of the initiative, this exclusive painting will visit 18 countries across all six continents of the world between 2022 and 2024 with the next stop being Paris in September 2022.

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