The Royal family are known for their poetic verses

HH Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai and vice president of the UAE is known for his incredible poetry. Following in his footsteps, his son the Crown Prince, HH Sheikh Hamdan has also widely become known for his poetic verses.


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This week, the Crown Prince published a beautiful poem on social media,  which was dedicated to his father. The poem, was published in Arabic and references his grandfather, the late ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Rashid.

“This is the son of Rashid the great one. He sees through his mind before his eyes. Through his global vision coming from above the clouds, he creates for you glory in the skies.” The poetry is accompanied by an image of HH Sheikh Mohammed, taken on board a plane, whilst the ruler looks out of the window.

ruler of Dubai

We can’t wait to see more of his poetry!

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