Team EW were incredulous this morning when spotting a camel dropping off Senior Editor Sophia Serin to work at our Media One HQ. We always knew she travelled in style but even this seemed a little far-fetched for Sophia. However, it turned out that our fashion savvy boss was actually taking advantage of RTA’s trial campaign, which allows UAE residents to order a camel, instead of a taxi, to ferry us from A to Z.

The so-called ships of the desert (a common nickname for camels) have been reliable forms of transport in the Middle East for centuries. In an attempt to celebrate the glorious animals, and to also remind us of their importance in the region, Dubai’s Road And Transport Authority (RTA) decided to offer regular taxi customers the opportunity to experience a camel ride – a unique spin to their normal daily commute.

A spokesperson said: “Camels have been a formidable mode of transport in the UAE for years. For this one day we want to celebrate the traditional ways of the region and allow the UAE residents to experience the now outdated customs.”

Booking is simple. Call RTA taxis as normal but when informing the customer service rep of your location and pick up options also state you wish to try the camel service.

The service is available for today only, however the spokesperson is confident the success may see the camels become a regular commute option in the UAE.