The world of art and automobiles have come together to create a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

Set to capture art lovers and luxury car collectors alike, Rolls-Royce has teamed up with Dubai-based artist Sacha Jafri to create six bespoke Phantom Series II models.

Called ‘Six Elements’ the design of the cars are inspired by the five main elements – earth, fire, water, wind and air – as well as an additional “sixth element” – humanity.

Each of the six cars will be hand-painted and designed with a unique NFT that can also be sold to raise funds for charitable foundations with the goal of reintroducing a sense of humanity to the world and finding balance within ourselves.

Jafri is known for infusing elements related to humanity in his work, particularly in his world record-breaking painting.

Completed at the Atlantis The Palm last year, the painting – known as ‘The Journey of Humanity’ – scaled over 17,000 square feet and sold for $62 million – over double what it aimed to fetch. The painting comprised of 70 individually framed pieces.

Now taking his hand to partner with Rolls-Royce, he explained the six bespoke Phantoms are set to “embody the emotion of each elemental force”.

“Rolls-Royce is a brand of intention, excellence, power, detail and passion – a brand that has been on a similar journey to my own,” Jafri said of the project. “It has set new levels of achievement, with pioneering accolades yet to be surpassed.

“By embracing empathy, we are able to reconnect the spirit of our world, in connection with our Elements and the souls of not only the individual, but of the very idea of universal consciousness.”

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