Rolls-Royce cars exude a high degree of sophistication like no other with endless personalisation options.

However, the luxury automobile maker’s customisation options have remained only available at their Goodwood base in the UK, base, until now.

Rolls-Royce has introduced its first international outpost, allowing for customisations, and it’s based right here in the UAE.

A new Rolls-Royce private office has opened in Dubai, allowing clients to choose exact specifications and designs with an expert to produce the final outcome.

Whether you’re thinking of highlighting a colour with sentimental value or showcasing a bespoke constellation on the roof, this luxurious feature brings any vision to life.

Rolls-Royce’s CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos described the opening of the new Dubai private office as the next chapter in the history of the luxury automobile maker.

“This is yet another step in the evolutions of the marque, rooting itself as a true house of luxury with effortlessly elevated design services that are on a par with our products,” he said.

With over 44,000 ready-to-wear hues available, each customer can craft an individual ride that projects their vision, Rolls-Royce style.

Through the brand’s coachbuilding programme, buyers are taken through a step-by-step process where they can go through the journey of seeing the motors being built entirely by hand.

After establishing the success of this programme, Rolls-Royce plans to open more private offices in the near future.

Customers can book appointments through local showrooms across the UAE at the private office or visit

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