It’s a full three storeys.

A timepiece from Swiss watch giant Rolex is the ultimate status symbol, so it makes sense that their stores would be just as impressive.

And now, Dubai is home to the world’s largest Rolex store. Situated in the new Fashion Avenue extension in The Dubai Mall, it takes up 850 square metres and includes a museum-like space called the Rolex Experience.

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We’re talking about some serious luxury here. The store is built across three storeys and has its own elevator.


As you’d expect from a brand famed for its precision, every detail of the new store has been considered.

It takes many of its design cues from the watches it sells—the store’s faced is a nod to the bezels you’ll find on a classic Rolex.


With mid-century lines and furniture, it’s a beautiful and stylish space.

It’s a bold statement in a time where many say physical retail stores are on the way out, but Rolex aren’t alone in their confidence. Luxury fashion houses like Dior, Prada and Gucci have all gone big with their stores in the Fashion Avenue extension.


Step inside one of them, and you’ll see why. These spaces offer an experience that can only be had first hand.

There’s plenty else to love in the Fashion Avenue extension, too. We’ve spotted live violinists on our travels, and there are high-end shopping and dining options as far as the eye can see.

The new space, which opened in March, has added one million square feet of built-up area to the already expansive mall.


This new store belongs to Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who have been Rolex’s licenced retailer in Dubai for more than 60 years.

We think it’s definitely worth a visit…

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Images: Rolex/Supplied