We think we’ve found it, the accessory of the season courtesy of a unique collaboration between the king of pearls Robert Wan, and jewellery designer Nadine Kanso of fashionable jewellery line Bil Arabi .

Both legends in the industry – Robert Wan for Tahitian pearls that are among the best in the world and Nadine Kanso for her unique and intricate Arabic-inspired pieces – the two have collaborated to create the Ya Noor El Ain.

Unveiled at the Doha Watches and Jewellery Exhibition on February 23, the new ring consists of a large Tahitian cultured black pearl, set in 18-carat rose gold typography (the signature of Bil Arabi designs) spelling out the name of the ring, Ya Noor El Ainwhich in English means ‘light of the eye’. The ring is also encircled by dazzling blue sapphires and diamond baguettes.

Ya Noor El Ain

The pearl used is not just any pearl, it’s a Black Pearl, 22mm to be exact, and from Robert Wan’s private museum. Just to give you an idea as to how big it actually is, here’s a snap of Nadine Kanso sporting the Ya Noor El Ain. 

Ya Noor El Ain

Nadine said of the exciting collaboration: “It is always inspiring and self-challenging when one collaborates with an international brand, coming up with something truly exclusive that also resonates closely with my signature design ethos. Using pearls for Ya Noor El Ain was a beautiful voyage into a world, which I normally do not touch upon. It was a poignant journey of discovery for me personally as an artist.”

Audrey Tcherkoff, the CEO and Creative Director of Robert Wan said regarding Nadine Kanso: “At Robert Wan we are always looking for new talents, both international and regional, to work on exclusive pieces to add to our collections… The results are truly beautiful and we are excited at the prospect of future collaborations with Nadine.”

Ya Noor El Ain

Ya Noor El Ain is a one off piece and will be on show  at Doha Watches and Jewellery Exhibition until February 27. After that it will be available at the Robert Wan showroom for a sweet Dhs360,000.


Images: Supplied