In a resounding triumph, Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has emerged victorious in the bid to host the prestigious World Expo in 2030.

The decision was announced in Paris, where over 160 nations participated in the selection process, ultimately favoring Riyadh over strong contenders Busan in South Korea and Rome in Italy.

The bustling metropolis of Riyadh clinched the bid during a decisive general assembly session of the organizing committee for the world’s fair.

The city secured an impressive 119 votes from the member states of the Bureau International des Expositions, signaling a clear global mandate for the event to take place in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

This historic win marks a significant milestone for Riyadh, as it prepares to become the first-ever host of the Expo within the Kingdom. The Middle East and North Africa region witnessed a previous Expo in Dubai in 2020, and now, Riyadh is poised to carry the torch forward, showcasing the region’s advancements on a global stage.

The extensive two-year campaign leading up to this victory saw Saudi Arabia, Italy, and South Korea rallying international support. Athletes, pop stars, and actors joined forces to amplify the message, underlining the importance of this Expo in fostering global collaboration and innovation.


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As Riyadh prepares to take center stage in 2030, the anticipation builds for a showcase of technological innovations and cultural achievements. The Expo is not merely an event but a convergence of nations, offering a glimpse into the future while celebrating the shared progress of humanity.

Riyadh’s successful bid signifies a new chapter for the Kingdom, ready to host a world eager to explore the next wave of advancements and cultural wonders.

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