We all know the UAE is a place of convenience, we have 24/7 supermarkets, McDonald’s delivers to our door and having a maid on speed dial is the done thing, but it seems our demand for having everything at our fingertips has become a bit extreme with one Dubai healthcare firm offering IV therapy in your own home.

That’s right your humble abode can become a mini hospital thanks to Health Call a clinic based in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers that also offers medical check-ups, vaccinations and psychological treatment. However, recently they have branched into IV therapy.

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While IV therapy is available in other countries, this is allegedly the first time it has become available in the UAE. The treatments are very popular with those with hedonistic lifestyles, with the treatment pumping patients full of vitamins, giving them an instant shot – perking them up after a heavy night. Apparently the clinic started the service following a grow in demand last month.

Simon Cowell, celebrity surgery confessions

Simon Cowell apparently enjoys weekly IV drips of B12, magnesium and vitamin C

IV therapy is said to be popular among many Hollywood celebrities as a way to battle fatigue after long shoots and publicity runs. Madonna, Simon Cowell, Cindy Crawford and Rihanna are all said to be fans. In fact, the Rehab singer even tweeted a picture of herself having the treatment. It’s believed she had the drip after being treated for “exhaustion and dehydration”.

Rihanna's 'Party Girl' IV Therapy Tweet picture

Rihanna’s ‘Party Girl’ IV Therapy Tweet picture

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Ousama Alnazzal, spokesman for the facility told 7days: “The IV therapy we offer has vitamin C and B, as well as oxygen – it can cure hangovers within 45 minutes. It can cure nausea, headaches, fatigue or colds. We can send a nurse to your home or work and they can give you the therapy in the comfort of your home, or you can come to the clinic.”

Prices range from Dhs400 for one session, which can energise you for up to six hours. More expensive drips can help against nausea (Dhs790) or nausea and headaches (Dhs990). However, prices are cheaper if you go into the clinic.

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