It takes something special to make Dubai dwellers stray from the usual hangouts. Luckily, Qbara has ‘special’ in abundance. Located in Wafi, next to Raffles Hotel, the Arabic fusion restaurant dishes up serious wow-factor with moody lighting, striking décor, a spectacular wall (more on that later), and a creative choice of food. If you’re looking for a restaurant that will impress with both substance and style, look no further.


Behind the bar is an impressive wall, which was hand-carved in Afghanistan. Special lighting effects give the impression that sections of it are moving – much like something out of a Harry Potter movie. It’s touches like this, along with the round tables – ideal for long evenings full of conversation – that make Qbara both charming and elegant.

It’s clear that the restaurant was designed with class in mind, as every detail oozes sophistication. The high ceiling reveals a large mezzanine floor, made yet more impressive with the low lighting and dark wood finishes. Quite possibly the best touch is that the chairs have a ‘handbag shelf’ that slides out of the bottom – because why would you put it on the floor?!



It’s relatively quiet in the early evening, but the attentive staff and clever design ensure it never feels empty. As the night progresses, seats fill and the bar becomes vibrant. This is ideal for a romantic date night, or a special catch up with friends.



Though it may sound as though the décor is Qbara’s trump card, the highlight is in fact the food. With Middle Eastern and Moroccan tastes finished off with a Western twist, each dish is as stylish as the setting.

The Qbara Experience Tasting Menu is a great option for those who want to try it all. Make sure you don’t fill up on bread – with a huge array of savory dishes including lamb cutlets, falafel, quinoa and pomegranate salad, crispy shell crab, black cod and beef tartare, there’s definitely too much to eat. Dessert is also worth leaving room for – milky panacotta topped with bright orange honeycomb candyfloss is a food Instagramer’s dream #instalove.

Qbara food

Why Bother

With sumptuous dishes, impressive décor, and a glamorous ambiance, it’s a restaurant for evenings worth savoring.

Go For

Either cocktails at The Wall, or a leisurely dinner.


The Qbara Experience Tasting Menu is Dhs450 per person.

Qbara, Wafi Fort Complex, Dubai | (04) 7092500 | qbara.ae