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New-York based Retrofête Co-founders, Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin bring us the ultimate party experience this season with their show-stopping pieces.

With a dose of vintage embodied in every design, the duo talk us through their journey of creating pieces that channel a touch of disco for after hours, making the brands one of the most sought after for party season.

Creativity is something that is innate – what were some of the key events that lead you both to become co-founders of the brand?

We both have very different backgrounds, I have a retail background and Aviad worked in IT and finance. I handle the creative side of the brand, while he handles the business side. I gained my experience in design through our work with private label clients and the opening of our own sales showroom, Mint. Through our private label work, we learned about product development, different retail markets and the art of embellishment, which is a very important part of Retrofête’s identity.

Tell us why sequins have become such a key part of the brand’s DNA and was that the vision from the outset?

Each sequin colourway and pattern is unique to our brand, we designed the sequin styles to mimic a sense of emotion, with each colour offering a different type of feeling – they make you feel special, and uplift your mood. We want women to feel that wow factor, and now, even with our non-sequin items, women can experience the same feeling.

How has the brand overcome the challenges posed this year? Has e-commerce seen more of boost in your perspective?

Before the pandemic, we were mainly a wholesale business and didn’t have an e-commerce platform to lean on. In May, we launched our e-commerce site, which we developed with the help of a California-based digital agency called the Anton Eye in about six weeks. Having our own site helped us bring visibility to our non-sequin assortment. It’s no secret that evening wear has taken a hit this year due to the pandemic, so it was really important for us to develop and showcase our denim offering.

Describe the Retrofête DNA.

In the past couple of seasons, we’ve found beauty in simplicity but at the core, Retrofête is about the glamour, the shine and the sparkle – we are known for our more-is-more aesthetic. We always think about the woman’s body, what she’s going to feel comfortable in, but still confident and powerful.

Tell us about your recent collection and what is the story behind it?

Our FW20 collection was inspired by NYC after the rain. After it rains, the ground is wet and shiny but it feels clean, this is what we wanted to translate into the collection. Many pieces have that “wet” effect, a lot of shine and the dirtiness of the city also comes through in more rugged designs.

Our HO21 collection was initially inspired by Morocco – it has an edgy meets boho feel. With the pandemic, we had to pivot to make it easier and more wearable. We focused on bodies that are comfortable but have “dressy” design elements like gold chains and stars or stretchy netting and sequins.

What’s some of the most important business advice that you have ever received?

Don’t rush into opening a business, work for other companies first and then open your own. But no matter the amount of experience you have, there will always be obstacles and surprises that arise – just accept that you learn something new every day!

How would you style sequins without overdoing it, outside party season?

With amazing energy! The way you express yourself in clothes is so important. We’ve introduced a lot of denim silhouettes, lightweight silks, cotton knits in the latest collections. You can pair these pieces with a sequin top or skirt, but you can also opt for a more relaxed look that still makes a statement. For a creative alternative, you can jazz up a pair of jeans or sweats with an open Gabrielle Robe. For the FW20 collection, we reimagined a cool jogger set with camo sequins – easy styles for the Retrofête girl when she’s on the go.

Is there any uncharted territory you still have to conquer as a brand?

Opening a flagship! I [Ohad] came from retail, that’s my background, so I’d love to provide clients with the ultimate Retrofête experience. I’d love to have a retail location with a cool atmosphere to hang out at on the weekends, to meet our clients. Given the current situation with so many small businesses shutting in NYC due to the pandemic, it’d be great to support the rebuilding of our city’s retail sector.

What Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?

Maluma! We love his style and his energy. And my friends – we always look to them for inspiration.

What are your goals for 2021?

To be able to party and celebrate with everyone we love! Hopefully, we can get back to a sense of normalcy where women can wear our dresses out again. Design-wise, I want to continue pushing myself, being more expressive with Retrofête ’s designs to hopefully reflect a joyful and more positive year. I also want to travel, for inspiration, to feel that sense of connection again and experience human touch.

Which key pieces from the FW20 collection would suit anyone?

The Desreen Sweatshirt Dress is super comfortable but still stylish. The Nikita Dress is the perfect work to party dress. The Eva Jacket and Ivy Blazer set are a great holiday look. Of course, every woman needs a Gabrielle Robe in their closet!

This issue is ‘The Party Issue’ – how will you be celebrating this year?

We will be celebrating with our friends, cooking dinner for them – we love to host people! Great food, good music, good chemistry – that’s all we need.

December’s – ‘The Party Issue’ – Download Now

The Gift Guide – Download Now 

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