Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you the retinol, even in it’s smallest amount, should be part of your skincare routine. Why? Well, this wonder ingredient tackles wrinkles, pigmentation and acne, delivering long-term results. No wonder it’s become the most searched for ingredient of 2020.

Sitting on the same must-have level as SPF and vitamin C, retinol has been scientifically proven to tackle numerous concerns which have boosted the search for it by 120 per cent, according to

“Ingredients targeting pigmentation are always high on my radar and I think retinols and antioxidants such as Vitamin C should be in almost everyone’s regimen as powerhouse ingredients,” founder of MZ Skin, Dr. Maryam Zamani, tells us. The MZ Skin’s Hydrate & Nourish is an ideal daytime moisturiser as it contains retinol and SPF 30 to simultaneously refine the complexion and protect the skin.

Popular brand LixirSkin has also been championing this miracle ingredient calling it the “holy grail of actives when it comes to de-ageing” as it boosts protein production for increased firmness and volume. ⠀


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Retinol tackles whiteheads and blackhead by exfoliating the top layers of the skin which as a result prevents them from becoming blocked. When it comes to fine line and wrinkles, retinol encourages the continues production of collagen that plumps up the skin for a smoother finish.

Many who have avoided retinol due to sensitivity or fear that it will irritate the skin can breathe a sigh of relief as many brands are now blending it with other skin-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid. You can also build up your tolerance by only using it a few times a week, ideally before bed as your skin regenerates overnight. You can also look to brands that use time-released retinol that is a lot gentler but still effective.

We live in a sunny climate, so if retinol is part of your routine make sure to use a high SPF, ideally a factor 50.

Click through the gallery below for some of our favourite retinol-rich skincare products.

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