IN PARTNERSHIP: Whether handed down through generations or purchased with love, accessories after years of use will see wear and tear.

With many coveted items, particularly vintage pieces, it’s hard to come by them again, making it almost impossible to replace them.

However, The Cobbler, an exclusive premium shoe and bag repair and restoration service provider based in Dubai, is able to bring a second life into any item you love.

The Cobbler

Proper care can make accessories go a long way, only if you leave them in the hands of trustworthy experts. Offering the best restoration techniques with deep cleaning, heel replacement, colour and leather care, The Cobbler adds that touch of finesse to complete any look.

This modern aftercare of on-demand service brings convenience with an integrated team of specialists to restore your most-loved items.

“Craftsmanship, heritage, expertise and passion are some of the key DNA principles of The Cobbler,” Morgan Papin, Partner & Chief Technical Officer of The Cobbler says. “These have been our driving force since day one and still drive us today.

On bringing a second life to an item you love Papin adds, “That’s the magic about it, to bring back to life items that were once damaged and to see the happiness in each customer’s eye once the items are ready.”

You can see for your own eyes the incredible reinvention The Cobbler can do for your luxury items.

As accessories have the power to make or break an attire, The Cobbler has the power to restore even the most battered shoes while drawing its legacy to revive traditions and celebrate craftsmanship.

Bags - The Cobbler

Before | After

Valentino - The Cobbler before


Valentino - The Cobbler after


You’re guaranteed to have your items in good hands at this premium service in the Middle East as The Cobbler has the right solution for your soles. For quick and easy restoration services, items can either be picked up or delivered to your door.

The Cobbler is located across the UAE at The Dubai Mall, DIFC, Dubai Design District and The Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi. For more information visit

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