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Come the weekend and the Dubai Marina promenade is regularly awash with dog walkers, mums pushing their prams and snap-happy tourists posing for pictures. It’s this serene and idyllic setting that makes the area so popular, which is why the new rules imposed by Emaar Properties banning dogs from the promenade has angered so many residents.

Pet owners in Dubai Marina were left fuming when waking up one morning to find dog ban posts across the promenade without prior warning. As such the local animal lovers set up a petition requesting Emaar Properties to reverse the ban.

The petition read: “On Sunday the 13th of July, 2014, residents of the Dubai Marina woke up to signs placed across the promenade, thanking them for ‘not bringing their dogs along to the promenade’. The decision, which was taken suddenly and without prior notice, does not take into consideration the large number of dogs, and dog owners living in the Marina, and who choose to live there for its dog friendly attribute.”

Emaar Properties said they imposed the ban not only for hygiene reasons but also to enhance the Marina Promenade for everyone.

“As part of enhancing the Marina Promenade experience at Marina Living, we are currently implementing the environmental management and monitoring programme as per the guidelines of Dubai Municipality to keep the premises clean, safe, hygienic and healthy at all time,” said a spokesperson. “We have requested our visitors to kindly refrain from bringing their pets along the Marina Promenade, as part of the hygienic measures. We look forward to the cooperation of our residents and visitors to further add value to the community.”

Dog walking is now banned in Dubai Marina

Dog walking is now banned in Dubai Marina

Many residents of Dubai Marina fear how the ban will impact on the values of their property – the Marina is popular for dog owners due to it previously animal-friendly environs. One resident said: “In addition this will have considerable impact for the current owners which their property value will be diminished and for tenants with dogs which will have to move to a different community.”

The petition has asked Emaar Properties to “allocate proper and safe designated areas where dogs can exercise, run and play, on the Marina.” Currently no alternative has been offered.

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