Roxie Nafousi, Author of MANIFEST – 7 Steps to Living your Best Life shares how you can elevate your life through the power of manifestation.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I always start my day by repeating a positive affirmation as soon as I wake up, I love statements such as “I am excited for the day ahead” or “I am ready to receive abundance”. Then I go and make my morning coffee, take my supplements, and if my son is still asleep then I’ll do a 30-minute workout in my living room.

What inspired you to write the book manifest – 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life?

Manifesting has changed my life beyond recognition. It bought me out of a very dark place in my life and turned everything around. I just knew it was part of my life’s mission, and purpose, to teach it to as many people as I could.

Your book sheds light upon on the power of manifestation – can you expand on this?

Manifesting is using the power of your mind to change your reality and it’s a self-development practice to live by. I think that a lot of people don’t understanding manifesting, or they are cynical to it because there are so many misconceptions around it. This book explains what manifesting really is, and how to actually make it work, in seven simple steps. It’s helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world and I hope it will continue to help even more!

As a self-development coach what practices can everyone implement in their daily lives to reduce anxiety.

There are lots of simple practices that can help, such as: meditation, grounding, being out in nature, journaling, yin yoga, talking to others, breath-work.

Roxie Nafousi Manifestation

In your book you discuss changing low-vibe emotions to high-vibe ones – can you elaborate on this?

Low vibe emotions are those such as fear, anger, envy, guilt. These emotions are all normal to experience, but if we don’t process them or let them out, then they hold us back and stop us from attracting abundance into our lives. In my book there are many techniques that I share to help people to transform these emotions and turn them into high vibe emotions such as gratitude, love, peace, inspiration. These include language shifts you can make, how to change your perspectives and how to cultivate gratitude in an effective way. I even have a whole section dedicated to turning a low-vibe emotion to a positive one, it’s step 6 “turn envy into inspiration”.

Many of us are processing healing of old wounds – what positive activities can help support the process?

I am a really big advocate of seeking professional help to safely address the deep wounds that are still impacting our current reality. There are so many therapists, counsellors and all types of different healers who can support this journey. I think it is such a valuable investment.

Your readers can document their own journey throughout the pages – can you explain why this was important?

I wanted to create a book that the reader could use pro-actively, so I have lots of exercises within the book for people to fill out. People who listen to the audiobook often get the physical copy too so they can do this, which I think really helps the process of self-help.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

There is so much I would tell myself. I wish I could tell my younger self that I was enough as I was, that everything was going to turn out for the best and that I should never be afraid to be myself!

What have been the biggest challenges to date and how did you overcome them?

I have faced many challenges during my life, and I never knew what it was to be happy until the last few years. I had no confidence or feelings of self-worth at all, and so I am truly grateful every day for the power of manifesting and how it has given me a life I could only have dreamed of, and a sense of inner peace that I truly never thought was possible.

How important is the gratitude practice when it comes to channeling the power of manifestation?

Step 5 of my 7 steps to manifesting is “Embrace Gratitude”. In this step, I explain that the manifesting sweet spot is ‘knowing what you want, whilst being entirely grateful for all that you already have’. When we sink into the feeling of appreciation, we attract more abundance to us. My mum used to say to me in Arabic, ‘for everything thanks you give, you get 1000 in return.’ She was right!

This is ‘The Fearlessness Issue’ – how do you overcome your fears?

I follow my second step of manifesting from my book, Step 2: Remove Fear & Doubt! This is the most important step of the whole manifesting process and the most significant. When we can overcome our fears, we unlock our limitless potential and become unstoppable.

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