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René Caovilla’s creative director on perfecting the art of a fine craftsman

Words: Diyana Hakmi

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René Caovilla’s, Creative Director Edoardo Caovilla, shares his secrets to keeping the brand ever-evolving whilst staying true to it’s DNA.

Talk us through your morning routine and how you set yourself up for a successful day.

I usually get up at 6.30, and I always try to have breakfast with my children. I always start my day by drinking water with lemon or green tea and eating plenty of fruit. I leave at 7.30 in the morning and get to the office by 7.45. I am lucky that my office is close to my home, and it’s a beautiful journey. At my desk, the first thing I do is to go through the digital press review specific to my fields of interest and catch up on all top-line brand activities and launches. I leave the office around 7 pm, and then I usually work out. I train for triathlon competitions, so I either swim or run – I find exercising and movement each day is key! Practising my favourite sports makes me start the week in the best way.

Tell us about the DNA of Rene Caovilla.

The DNA of Rene Caovilla is summarized by Venice, our iconic city. Caovilla is an incomparable heritage of three generations. All our shoes are entirely handmade in Italy, focusing on the highest quality craftsmanship from the same factory we‘ve had since 1929. The brand has always played the subtle game of transforming iconic shapes into a new desirable classic. Caovilla is a brand of refined luxury that prioritizes care in intricate details and we keep growing and evolving to satisfy our global clients preferences.

How do you retain the heritage of the brand whilst approaching it with a modern perspective?

Craftsmanship alone is not enough today. Making superb shoes is about more than mere technique. It demands artistry, virtuosity, skill, and an interpretive talent that only the genuinely great master artisans possess. Innovation and new technologies have become the cornerstone of the ongoing evolution of Rene Caovilla. Here the manual artistry of embroidery happily coexists with leading-edge quality control to guarantee that each pair of Caovilla shoes is a triumph of beauty and comfort.

When it comes to the design process, what is key for you?

Inspiration usually strikes when I wake up in the morning. When I’m thinking about creating a specific shoe during the evening, I often happen to see it when waking and this is why I usually go to the office as early, to channel all of my inspiration and ideas. Together with the creative team, we work to realize and create the ideas by defining all the technical and stylistic details that give life to the shoe prototype.

Do you see particular styles driving sales in the Middle East, and if so, which?

The Middle East market has always been quite devoted to particular with a very feminine attitude. We noticed a great response to the chunky mules enriched by crystals or embroidery over the last few seasons. Mules and slides are ever prevalent as they are so practical and comfortable, yet still beautifully elegant.

Which is your favourite piece of the FW20 collection?

One of my favourite pieces from the FW20 is, for sure, the Juliette Sandal. This jewelled sandal is made by a stunning heel featuring a satin weave and embellished with a crystal chain.

How do you ensure personalized service to your e-commerce clients?

Online sales have become one of the priorities of the brand; we are moving more and more towards digital. We care a lot about our e-commerce site, which should not be seen as a simple sales platform but as a unique universe in which the customer can get lost and immersed in the world of Caovilla. We sell online; we also provide an exceptional customer experience that considers the smallest details, style suggestions in our “style notes,” anecdotes and curiosities about the brand’s history, and many more. It’s truly a whole world to discover.

How do you approach scaling the business?

Renè Caovilla has always taken care of the business in the Middle East and, despite all circumstances; the brand has an established identity in this region. Today, the aim is to enhance this loyal and solid relationship with a tailored strategy designed for limited edition capsules or private events.


René Caovilla’s Creative Director, Edoardo Caovilla 

Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?

I always like to be updated in real-time. Social media is one of the best channels to keep up to date with current news and trends. I love to follow news pages ranging from general culture to fashion, from newspapers to fashion magazines. This allows me to follow publications from all over the world. I am also very passionate about art, travel, and cooking. Among the accounts, I follow you can find famous photographers, chefs, travel and living pages and more.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

This is what my father always told me but also advice I will for sure give myself back. “You are capable of everything, constantly develop, look around and try to see the world from different angles.”

If you were not Creative Director and COO of Rene Caovilla, which other roles would you choose career-wise?

I believe in the value one can create by combining the Italian lifestyle, the entire industry of fashion and food and beverage with the IT world of Silicon Valley. I would love to have more time to explore these aspects. We should all be open on one side and add experience on the other. Also, I wouldn’t mind working in the service sector instead of sales. I’m fascinated by the data world, and I am exploring some of its topics.

 This is ‘The Party Issue’ – how will you be celebrating this year?

It has been and still is an exceptional year that has made me appreciate the little things even more. For me, a perfect celebration can be spent at home, in the company of my family and my closest friends. I love to cook and play the piano. A beautiful dinner with good food, music and laughter – this is the real luxury, to appreciate simple things!

December’s – ‘The Party Issue’ – Download Now

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