Sparkle season!

SPONSORED: You can always rely on Dubai fashionista’s to bring their A-game to any party. Living in this city means that you are never short of parties, as there is always an event or a fancy dinner. Dressing up is always a big part of these events, but so if finding a dress that fits both your style and the occasion.

So, instead of going on endless and sometimes unsuccessful shopping sprees, why don’t you just design one that suits you best. At Regal Fabrics you can find the materials that you are looking for with an in-house tailoring service that will help bring your dress to life.

Make sure to visit them during DSF where select Dubai stores will be on sale starting 26th December.

Here are six styles to re-create:

Professional office party dress

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Dressing up for an office party can be tricky, as you need to strike a balance between being dressy and professional. What you should do is start off with a midi-length dress, which is office appropriate but then add to it stylish details like a long trail of waterfall ruffle. Recommended fabrics are satin and silk taffeta fabric.

Bachelorette dress

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Whether it is your bachelorette or a friend’s, you always wanna look good at a hen party. What you need is a dress that is dressy and volatile enough to last you all day, from brunch to the club. Your go-to should be the ‘Lame Chiffon’ fabric which is a shiny, metallic material. Get yourself a chiffon minty mini dress with a tulip cut design and get ready to spend a great day/night with your girlfriends.

Last minute party dress

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A staple in every girls wardrobe should be a little black dress – perfect for any and every occasion. So, if you ever have a party that you didn’t plan for, then make sure you have a black velvet dress to help elevate your game.

Gala dress

regal fabrics

At a Gala you always want to look classy and timeless and that can be achieved with a mix of chiffon and silk. Turn heads in a floor-length cowl neck gown.

Summer party dress

regal fabrics

With summer comes a season of endless parties and nights out so you need to be prepared. Your go-to is a halter neck dress with regal colours for an unforgettable summer look. If you are looking to make an entrance, then you could sport a deep-neck, ruffled maxi dress in an eye-catching bright colour.

Statement sparkle dress

regal fabrics

You never know when you can need a statement all sequin dress, but you know that you will always look stylish in one. Let yourself shine in a slip sparkling dress that will surely be the life of the party.

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