From glazed skin and nails to infusing it even in a smoothie – model Hailey Bieber is all about adding that glassy sheen to everything she touches.

Summer is officially upon us in the UAE and our skin is in some desperate need of TLC. Wearing makeup during th daylight heat can be tricky — the idea is to protect your skin, while still aiming for that pearly-glow like Hailey.

Taking a leaflet out of the beauty Moghul’s skincare and makeup book, we’ve found a way for you to recreate her iconic glazed doughnut look with just 7 products. Scroll below for a product break down as well as a step-by-step-routine to achieve the hydrated, glistening skin she is always shining in.

Step 1: Prep your skin with a gentle moisturizer and apply the Rhode Barrier repair cream.

Step 2: Apply generous amount of SPF.

Step 3: Blend the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid with the foundation of your choice and apply it with a beauty blender.

Step 4: Finish the simple beauty routine with the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment and top it up with a coloured gloss of your choice.

While the Rhode products are yet to be available in UAE, we’ve listed alternatives that can do the job equally well.

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Image: Sephora Middle East/Instagram