The Dubai Police app has been updated to help residents to log complaints without having to reveal their identity.

The Dubai Police app now includes Police Eye, which has been developed to help those who may be nervous to report a crime, giving semi-anonymity (you can choose to share your identity or remain anonymous) so they feel comfortable and safe to report suspicious activity in their neighbourhood.


The Dubai Police apps offers many useful services

Suspicious behaviour is broken down into 10 categories: disturbance, alcohol/drugs, suspicious vehicle, suspicious sales, gambling, vandalism, prostitution, begging, and other. According to an officer, depending on the severity of the crime chances are you won’t be contacted by the police: “Unless it is a big case, no one [at Dubai Police] will disturb you.”

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The Police Eye is just one of the many services available on the app that has been designed to improve safety for residents in the UAE. Here’s the other top safety services you can get from the Dubai Police app:


Traffic Status

The app also provides instant traffic accident information including traffic status. It also allows you to report traffic accidents and violations, including taking pictures of damaged areas and receiving a report via email or SMS to present to insurance companies.


Home Security

Going on holiday and have no one to house sit? The Dubai police can do it for free (only applicable for those living in a house or villa). To use the service residents must provide personal information and their address using Google Maps. After which police patrols will oversee the premises until residents return from their holiday.

“They can send the request on their phone and it will reach the police station and CID and the house will be placed under monitoring by police patrols for a specific period of time,” said Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police.

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Tourist Security

Not just for UAE residents, the app also provides vital information for new expats, and tourists visiting the country. Accessed through your smartphone you can use the app to make complaints and to located different police stations near by.


Lost & Found 

This is probably one of the most useful services for anyone who has a habit of losing their phone.  The app allows you to track whether your lost personal items have been declared to the Lost and Found Department at Dubai Police. Well, that certainly takes away from the embarrassing phone calls – “I’ve lost my phone again and no I don’t remember the colour of the taxi roof or the taxi number.”

Bounced cheques

The app allows customers to send photos of bounced cheques to the Dubai police and register their complaints without stepping foot in a station.

According to Dubai police customer service: “The reporting of the cheque is dependent on two conditions; one it should be issued from inside Dubai and two, its validity date of being cashed should not be expired.”


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The app is available for download on iPhone and android. you can download it here.