There’s no denying that Dubai is an incredible city. Having sprung out of the desert in the last two decades, it has quite literally grown from nothing, and has since turned itself into an incredible modern, cosmopolitan metropolis we all know and love.

So whether you’re looking to move here for work and need a push to make a decision; a newbie that’s just settling in; or a hardened desert veteran – here’s 11 reasons why Dubai is a great place to work.

Tax free!

All the money you earn, you keep! Well, there are still bills to pay… and you really want to go to brunch on Friday, but you know what we mean.

Not having to pay income tax, corporate tax or wealth tax is an attractive incentive to move over (and stay) here, and if you’re careful you can save a lot in the long run.

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There is always something to do


There is always something happening in Dubai, from vibrant fashion markets to free concerts, art shows and food festivals – there are activities to suit every mood. And, if you love shopping, well this is the place to be.

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It’s safe

According to the Global Peace Index 2015, the UAE is the 49th most peaceful country in the world, and the 40th when it comes to societal safety and security.

Very few of us will have encountered problems when out and about on the streets, and on very rare occasions have we had to look over our shoulder when walking home at night.

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The weather’s great

Habtoor Grand review beach

Dubai’s tropical desert climate means sunny skies for most of the year, with hot summers and cool winters. Sure, summertime temperatures can be rather overbearing, but it’s all worth it for when that perfect, winter weather swings around come November.

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Great quality of living

mercer dubai

According to Mercer, Dubai ranks 75th worldwide for quality of living, and first in the Middle East and Africa region, with Abu Dhabi following in second place. This marks the fourth year in a row that Dubai has been considered the best place to live in the Middle East.

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The local population of Emiratis only makes up around 15 per cent of Dubai’s population. The rest, of course, are expats, who’ve moved to the city for the weather, lifestyle and tax incentives. The big mix of nationalities means that cultural influences have been introduced from all over the world in the form of food and tradition, as well as leisure, entertainment and more.

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Wide-spoken English 

You’ll find most of Dubai’s population speak English, or at least speak it well enough to be able to get by. There are few major language barriers (however, we’re sure we’ve all experienced a misunderstanding at least once or twice).

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Perfect for travellers

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport isn’t the world’s busiest airport for no reason… It’s so centrally located – midway between Europe, Asia and Africa that it’s no wonder DXB International saw a footfall of 78 million in 2015.

Those with a sense of wanderlust will love that the rest of the world is so accessible, with the city’s flagship airline, Emirates, running regular routes all over the globe.

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Great for entrepreneurs

It seems the city is not only great for working, but for starting up a business of your own, too. A survey by HSBC listed Dubai as the second best city in the world for entrepreneur expats, beaten only by Singapore.

The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2015 found that 86 per cent of expats looking to start a business feel Dubai is a viable location. As a result, Dubai possesses more than twice the amount of entrepreneurial expats (nine per cent) than the global average (four per cent).

Over two thirds (68 per cent) said they liked Dubai’s political stability, and 56 per cent felt they were confident in the city’s economy. Perhaps it’s time to kick off one of those ideas you’ve been bottling up…

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Cheap petrol and cars

lamborghini uae

If you love your cars, then you probably love this. Petrol in Dubai is cheaper than water at Dhs1.72 per litre, and cars – compared to the rest of the world – are incredibly cheap too. An ordinary secondhand car can cost anywhere from Dhs15,000 to Dhs50,000, and thanks to the price of petrol are a lot cheaper to run.

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The luxurious side of life

Burj Al Arab

Got a liking for the glittery side of life? You’re in luck. Five-star hotels run rampant in the city, filled with luxurious, high-end bars, clubs and restaurants.

Beach clubs are on another level, practically every Uber is a Lexus, and if you’re feeling really lazy – there’s even a number you can call to have someone deliver you a can of soda.

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Images: Getty, Mercer, Lamborghini UAE