King, queen, and crown prince all in the one picture.

An economic forum doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting day in the life, but Jordan’s royal family makes it look like a blast.

HM King Abdullah II of Jordan was joined by his wife (and our style icon) HM Queen Rania and their eldest, Crown Prince Hussein, for a a meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on the Dead Sea.

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And in between speakers, the royals found a few moments to chill. As frequent followers of their busy lives, we’re sure there aren’t quite as many of those as they’d like.


If that isn’t the look of love on HM King Abdullah’s face, we don’t know what is. Adorable.

Twenty-one-year old Princess Iman, 17-year-old Princess Salma and 13-year-old Prince Hashem didn’t attend, but we’d say it makes sense that as Crown Prince, Hussein takes a more active role.

The EBRD conference continues today, and is concentrated on the theme of energising economies, according to its website.

Speakers will be covering topics like environmental protection, business climates, targeted investments, and economic growth.

Both HM King Abdullah II and HM Queen Rania spoke on the conference’s first day, with Queen Rania focusing on the importance of education and leadership to help the next generation.

We think you’ll agree all three royals looked sharp, too, with King Abdullah and Crown Prince Hussein in sharp suits and Queen Rania pairing a black and tan skirt with a high-necked black blouse.

Crown Prince Hussein even went for a three-piece option—we’re sure he’s the most well-dressed young prince in the world right now.

We’ll keep you updated on the family’s activities and outfits.

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Images: Queen Rania/Instagram