Barely-there hot pants and revealing vest tops are not appropriate attire during the Holy Month, yet, ladies, we’ve seen some of you are still trying to pull off this look – not OKAY!

The Ramadan dress code needs to be mindful of the local culture. Keep beachwear strictly to the beach and cover up from your shoulders to your knees – no mini skirts or hot pants and reign in the cleavage.

Queen Rania

Queen Rania in Dubai is a great style icon, proving demure fashion is on-trend

Dress conservatively doesn’t mean boring. Our eternal style icon, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan has proved that with a series of show-stopping gowns during the Holy Month. If our guide to Ramadan 2016 collections wasn’t enough to convince you, here are some of Queen Rania’s best looks that prove covering up can be incredibly stylish.


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Queen Rania

Monochrome perfection during a state visit to Belgium

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