It was for a fantastic cause

Queen Rania chose to visit Sitat Byoot, this week.  A company that has provided a lifeline to many women in Jordan seeking employment. The company’s name translates as “women of the home”, and its aim is to help empower and train women for the workforce. 


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The company was set up in 2010 by businessman Saeed Omar, and focuses on handmade Jordanian products which it helps the women taking part sell back to the local community.

Queen Rania said of the trip “The SitatByoot platform has supported many women and offered them work and training opportunities to generate income from home. Really enjoyed chatting with them earlier today… Great job!”


It’s wasn’t Queen Rania’s first business trip of the week, either. Earlier this week she visited the Al Kifah Cooperative Society, an organisation which promotes sustainable organic farming. The society has 45 members, of which 95% are women. Similarly to Sitat Byoot, the organisation aims to provide its members with professional skills and the ability to provide for themselves.

The group was initially set up by a small group of women from Ajloun, Jordan, with the aim of providing sustainable income and organic food for its members and the wider community.

Queen Rania said about the visit “In gorgeous Ajloun and in the company of its beautiful people earlier today. Delighted to have met the women behind the Al Kifah Cooperative Society”.

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