Her majesty Queen Rania celebrates her birthday today – August 31.

The beautiful and stylish royal, an outspoken advocate for education and Jordan all around the world is also a firm promoter of peace in the region. Here are some of the most moving and inspiring quotes from her speeches all throughout her years as a monarch.

At the Abu Dhabi Media Summit earlier in November 2014, Queen Rania addressed more than 500 leaders in the media industry from around the world. Her bold speech carried a clear message: the Arab world must reclaim its narrative from extremists group in the region.

“We can spend our lives letting others dictate our narrative… and cast ourselves as the victims. Or we can realise the truth: that we are the creators of our own story. For the sake of each one of us… for Islam and the Arab world… for the future of our young people.”

Earlier this year, Queen Rania inaugurated the Teachers Skills Forum, the first regional forum of its kind, which aims to address the most pressing needs of the educational sector in the Arab World. She emphasised the need to invest in teachers and their training should be a top priority.

“You need to constantly broaden your knowledge, adopt new techniques that are better suited for this day and age, and be fully aware of what influences your students.”

She also delivered a key speech at the University of Education in Busan, South Korea saying: Education is more than a right; it’s a resource. It can combat almost every global humanitarian challenge today.”

The modern royal also shares insights into her personal and family life through the use of social media platforms. She once commented on an interview saying: “I hope to reach people who care about change, people who are not afraid to step out of the comfort of the familiar who want to see and strengthen the universe threads and common experiences that connect us – irrespective of age or geography.”

Her commitment to the cause of children and youth has distinguished her as one of the most admired royals in the region. From being UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children to becoming Honorary Global Chair of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative and co-founder of 1Goal:Education for all campaign, her voice is an echo that continues to empower women all around the world.

In honour of her birthday we also take a peek at our gallery of her majesty in action (see below).

Images: Supplied and instagram.com/QueenRania