Qatar has been added to Abu Dhabi’s ‘green list’ for quarantine-free travel.

The new guidelines for “green” countries were implemented in the UAE capital just before Christmas, stipulating that visitors from those identified countries will be allowed into Abu Dhabi with no quarantine time provided they have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result.

With the list being updated every 14 days, Qatar has now been added to the list, as well as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.

Some countries which were previously on the list have, however, now been removed including Greece, Singapore, Greenland, Australia and Malaysia.

Abu Dhabi ‘green list’

At present, there are 17 countries on the ‘green list’: Brunei; China; Hong Kong; Isle of Man; Kuwait; Macao; Mauritius; Mongolia; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Oman; Qatar; Sao Tome and Principe; Saudi Arabia; St Kitts and Nevis; Taipei; and Thailand. You can see the full list on the Visit Abu Dhabi website.

In the current guidelines, it’s outlined that all tourists and travellers are required to take a PCR test “on day six of entry into Abu Dhabi for those staying for six consecutive days or more, and on day 12 for those staying for 12 consecutive days or more”.

For countries not on the green list, a period of self-isolation for 10 days is currently in place.

Qatar’s addition to the list

The addition of Qatar to the list comes a couple of days after the UAE announced that its borders had reopened with Qatar.

It was stated by His Excellency Khalid Abdullah Belhoul, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, that the “UAE will begin to end all measures taken against the State of Qatar according to the statement issued on June 5, 2017”.

His Excellency also stated the nation would continue to work with Qatar to “end all other outstanding issues through bilateral talks”.

The reopening air, land and sea pathways comes after the signing of the Al-Ula Agreement.

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Feature Image: Visit Abu Dhabi