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Luis Miguel, Head of Bvlgari’s perfume division takes us through the latest olfactory launch; Allegra – an Italian sensorial journey.

What inspired the concept of Allegra?

Allegra represents the BVLGARI way to magnify the Italian Superlative Emotions.  Italy and Rome are a great source of inspiration, from its landscapes, flavours, passion, lively social encounters, or its magnificent “festa”; the emotions we feel were translated into magnificent perfume experiences by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier, allowing our clients to personalize and amplify their own perfume experience with the use of Magnifying: very concentrated, exclusive and highly qualitative essences.

Luis Miguel

What is the DNA of the collection?

As above, beyond the Italian emotions, we want to bring innovation in the area of personalisation, which is currently on-trend, especially for the most discerning clients.

The design concept is bold and colourful – was it a decision from the outset to stand out from the monochrome palette of many fragrances?

By definition, BVLGARI is bold, daring and innovative.  We are the masters of Color Gemstones as jewellers.  We decide to break the clutter of the high-end collections to make a strong statement in the way how we bring to life who we are as a brand.  The design of the flacon is inspired by the iconic cabochon cut, present in the most exquisite pieces of High Jewelry.

Tell us about the art of layering applied to this collection?

We wanted to bring an intuitive way for our clients to personalise their fragrance experience.  Magnifying allows our clients to apply high concentrated mono-ingredient essences on top of the Eau de Parfum, to showcase a facet of the Eau de Parfum that is highly desired by the client’s own particular taste.  For example, if you apply Fantasia Veneta Eau de Parfum, and you want to amp it up a notch, you would apply it on top of our Magnifying Patchouli.

Are there any exceptional ingredients that have been incorporated into this collection?

Absolutely, ingredients present in the Eau de Parfum and especially in the Magnifying Essences have been crafted and faceted exclusively for BVLGARI by Master Perfumers Jacques Cavallier.  These ingredients are not available in its exact form to any other brand in the market.  We started with 5 of the most iconic gems of nature in perfumery, like Rose, Bergamot, Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli

What are your personal favourite notes?

I have a great passion for musk in general, and in the ALLEGRA collection, we have managed to craft a very enveloping, caressing and pure white musk.  When you apply it, it feels like it touches you.

Bvlgari Allegra

The packaging of this collection is sustainably focused. Tell us about this?

We have maximized the use of eco-conception techniques in the design, creation and manufacturing of our packaging.  The flacons of the Eau de Parfum are made of 96% glass.  Even our caps are made of glass which facilitates recycling for our clients.  They simply have to unscrew the pump, and in one step they can recycle the entirety of the boy and cap of the flacon. We have collaborated with our paper strategic suppliers to use paper that is 100 per cent FSC certified and in addition, we have used the bi-products of Italian lemon peels in the paper mix, which helped to consume 40% less paper.

This is ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – which specific scent evokes fond childhood memories for you?

The most memorable fragrance experience from childhood is definitely the scent of wet grass on a humid summer morning in Venezuela.  I simply adored lying down on the grass and smell its scent.

May’s – ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – Download Now

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