She’s a vocal advocate of women’s rights

Priyanka Chopra recently spoke out about freedoms that equal rights offer women. “A lot of woman around the world don’t have the ability to make choices for themselves, choices are made for them,” she said in a discussion with Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd on CNN.


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“I’m so blessed because my parents gave me the ability to have an opinion and make my own choices about my life. Just how much woman are standing up for themselves in India right now, it’s so inspiring,” she continued.

Priyanka recently made the announcement that she was investing in Bumble. Unlike traditional dating apps, Bumble allows women-only to initiate conversations, aimed at cutting down harassing messages that some women receive from men on other dating applications.

Speaking about why she invested, she said that the app was an opportunity for women to take back control of the choices they make in their lives: “it’s a space that you can go into in the comfort of your own phone or you laptop and be in a world that is yours”.

“I’m a tech fan,” she continued “I believe technology has changed the world. It was given us so much freedom, everything has its vices and virtues, but it’s given us so much freedom to be anything we want. Ideas are the currency of the present, if you have an idea you can monetise it, it can be a business, it’s such a wonderful time to be creative and turn that creativity into business.”

Speaking about the opening up of public discourse surrounding women’s rights in recent years she said “we never needed women to find their voice, we always had a voice, we just needed people to listen and now we’re at a place where people are listening.”

Meanwhile, CEO of the app, Whitney said there was still some way to go, when it comes to women’s rights:  “Women need empowerment globally, it doesn’t matter where it is and the more disempowered the mindset, the culture wherever that might be… you can even take America, there are different parts of the country which are a bit more archaic in mindset, a lot of people challenged us here… we thrive because the more disempowered, the more archaic the more desire there is for woman to rise and be equal.”

Here’s the full interview:

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Media: Getty, CNN