Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Global Ambassador of Bulgari, wore a rare, high-end necklace featuring the Laguna Blu Diamond at the Met Gala this year.

It is one of the most dazzling high jewellery pieces to every appear at the Met and who better than the starlet to showcase it on the world stage.

As a tribute to Rome, the exquisite piece emodies the contemporary charm of the Eternal City, shedding a modern light on the birth place of the jewellery brand

The body of the necklace honours Rome with its interlocking diamonds. Influenced by the bay laurel wreaths worn by emperors in Greco-Roman antiquity, the design reimagines the pattern with a contemporary air of movement and light. Diamonds are set in platinum, which, though denser than gold, exhibits extraordinary fluidity thanks to deft craftsmanship.

A gemstone comparable to none, the Bulgari Laguna Blu diamond displays intense colour saturation and a vibrant oceanic blue. Before it found its place on the necklace, it was earlier mounted by Bulgari as a ring in 1970.

The 11.16-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond is the largest Bulgari blue diamond to be offered for sale, and with an estimate by Sotheby’s for its Geneva sale this May in excess of $25 million, it is the most valuable Bulgari gem to ever be offered for sale.

Less than ten Fancy Vivid Blue diamonds over 10 carats have come to auction anywhere in the world in the past few decades. That makes the Bulgari Laguna Blu a true wonder of nature.

“We are very excited to work on this project as it involves two outstanding Bulgari gems: the Bulgari Laguna Blu diamond, one of the most beautiful diamonds we ever crafted – a 11.16 carat fancy vivid blue diamond – and Bulgari Global Ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas, an extraordinary muse and woman herself. Thinking of this powerful combination we worked on a platinum necklace to gently exalt and frame such beauties,” said Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari Jewelry Creative Director.

“Absolutely enchanting to behold, the Bulgari Laguna Blu captures the essence of Bulgari’s exuberant style, a legacy that has been interwoven with Hollywood glamour since the 1950s. It also nods to Bulgari’s birthplace of Rome, capturing the brand’s ancient heritage in the most modern way,” shared Stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, who worked with Priyanka Chopra Jonas on her Met Gala look.

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Images: Supplied by Bulgari, Photographer Nicolas Gerardin