It was their first public engagement as a married couple

This week Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attended a particularly unusual event for a newly married couple. The pair were spotted at an event to promote the dating app Bumble in New Delhi, India.


Priyanka Chopra speaks out on dating apps and female empowerment

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Sharing the red carpet at the event, the newly weds looked loved up, while Priyanka’s wedding mendhi was clearly still visible on her hands and feet. Priyanka wore a beautiful coral gown and metallic belt to the event, while husband Nick wore a light grey suit.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

It’s likely that the pair chose to attend the event due to Priyanka’s investment in the company.

Priyanka has previously discussed her role at the company with CNN, saying that she chose to invest in the venture because of the way it empowers women. Bumble is one of the few dating apps which gives women full control over who they engage with, rather than allowing men to initiate conversation.

Speaking to CNN about why she invested in Bumble, she said that the app was an opportunity for women to take back control of the choices they make in their lives: “it’s a space that you can go into in the comfort of your own phone or you laptop and be in a world that is yours”.

We concur, Priyanka!

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