Known as one of the most respected philanthropic members of society, HRH Princess Lamia Majed Saud AlSaud continues to give back to communities in the region and around the globe.

As part of her work with Al Waleed Philanthropies, an official announcement was made for the launch of creative workshops at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, the world’s largest women’s university.

Paying a visit to the students of the university, Princess Lamia unveiled the exciting new initiative earlier this week.

“We opened workshops at @alwaleed_philan for productivity and training to support and empower craftswomen and secure production lines to provide high-quality pieces of art in a civilized manner that reflects our Saudi heritage locally and internationally,” she said on Instagram.

Her social media audience is constantly inspired by what she is contributing to society and one of them even commented saying, “The best thing about it is learning and developing skills.”

Seen with highly talented women in the region, this was the first step in paving the way for a dedicated production hub where handmade ceramic, wax, leather and wood products can be made while facilitating access for several artisans and notable professors in this modern and highly advanced facility.

By profoundly impacting those around her, she’s always working as an advocate for women’s empowerment and empowering local artisans in the region.

Through this programme, Alwaleed Philanthropies has given a plethora of talented specialists in their field a platform to supply traditional and heritage products to entities such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and the Royal Commission for AlUla.

As a changemaker, she has previously shared her desire to change the world by creating purposeful goods and handcrafted lifestyle images helping to revive Saudi Arabia’s ancestral past.

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Images: Supplied, Princess Lamia Instagram